Automatic Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Series UL - 810

Permanent Magnetic Lifters Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Features :
• Strong magnetic path produced by the NDFEB magnet.
• ON & OFF of the magnetic force is controlled by hanger connected to this product up & down.
• The magnetic lifter have the feathers of strong attraction,small size & weight, powerful force.
• Safety factor of automatic magnetic lifter is 1 :3 times.
• Automatic permanent magnetic lifter are available from 1000kg to 3000kg.
• No electric supply is required.
• Suitable for flat jobs.

Application :
This type of lifter widely used in moulding & machanism manufacturing such as
• Machine shop,
• Dockyard that related to steel material,
• Heavy fabrication shop,
• Various automates,
• Handling steel plates heavy blocks.

Cat No.
Tested Capacity
UL- 81001
1000 Kg
3000 Kg
UL- 81002
2000 Kg
6000 Kg
UL- 81003
3000 Kg
9000 Kg