Custom Made Magnetic Lifters

Series UL - 827

Custom Made Magnetic Lifter  Custom Made Magnetic Lifter 


Magnet Execution
Working Pronciple
Lifting Capacity
Magnet Length
Magnet Width
Rectangular Magnet
Electro or Electro - Permanent
upto 60 Tons
upto 2000 mm
upto 1000 mm
Ingots, Blocks,Single
Sheets or Stacks,
High temp. Applications
2-Pole Magnet
Electro or Electro - Permanent
upto 8 Tons
400 to 1600 mm
75 to 600 mm
Profiles, Beams, Rounds Long & narrow parts
Coil Magnet
Electro or Electro - Permanrnt
upto 35 Tons
upto 1600 mm
upto 1600 mm
Coil eye horizontal & Vertica, Slitted Coils
Bundle Magnet
upto 10 Tons
upto 1500 mm
upto 1000 mm
Bundles, Reinforcing steels, Pipes, Profiles
Angle Magnet
upto 6 Tons
upto 2500 mm
upto 200 mm