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  • An ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified Company

Electro Magnetic Scrap Lifters

We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of all types of : Electromagnetic Scrap Lifters

Make : "Ultra"
Type: Scrap Lifting Circular Electro Magnet. Suitable To Lift Following Types Of Scrap In Cold.
1. Heavy Melting Scrap.
2. Sponge Iron
3. C I Steel Turning
4. Shredded Scrap
5. Steel Turning Scrap
Sizes: Customised

Circular Lifting Magnets: All our circular lifting magnets are constructed in exactly the same way : in a cast housing, a coilfirmly connected to the housing by means of a heat conductor which lies around the central pole. A hard manganese steel bumping plate seals away the magnet's interior. High-performance chains provide maximum safety when carrying the magnet under load. The cable connection is also efficiently protected.


  • The longest operational life: lifting magnets have been in use for decades.
  • Optimum performance and weight conditions: Your existing crane can operate to its maximum capacity, with every load optimised.
  • Special designs for every application: All our magnets are weatherproof and designed for open-air use.
  • Magnets can be designed for extreme operating conditions: for instance electromagnet can supply specially insulated magnets for use in transporting cold material. Based on our experience of installing thousands of Ultra Brand Circular Lifting Magnets, we can determine and build the precise type of product suitable for your task.
  • Based on our vast experience we can ensure the best results in every type of application and can produce special designs to suit your requirements.
  • Complete solutions: We examine your requirements and your operating conditions and then produce a complete solution precisely tailored to your needs with all the components optimally adapted to each other, from the power supply to the magnet itself.
  • Our experience: We have a lot of practical experience. From processing scrap, right through to skull cracker ball operations, we have supplied equipment for every conceivable requirement.