Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Series UL- 818

Plate will Not Fall Even when Electric Power Fails
Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifter


• EPM lifting magnet is designed with the consideration of all industrial safety knobs. Therefore they are very compact light weight high strength and very reliable and safe in use.

• Electro Perm Magnetic lifter is combination o permanent as well as electro magnet power which is required to clamp the job or declamp the job.

• Lifted plate will not failed down even electric power failed because EPM LIFTER requires power only for holding the plates and declamping the plates. So it is 100% safe for handling the plates.

• Continuous Electricity is not required so it having advantage of Saving electricity over conventional Electro Magnetic Lifter.

• Electro permanent magnetic lifter is used with combination of various magnets. At fix structure with provision of chain. So this will help to handle plain as well as bend sheets in short it will take care of bendness of plates

• Safety interlock key to magnetized / demagnetized. Two buttons are to be press simultaneously with help to avoid change of accident.

• “Inching” feature - when the magnets is switch ON, It might lift more than a single plate. Inching operation reduces the magnetic power slowly such that additional plates, if lifted are dropped. This is used to make sure that only one plate is handled at time.

• Lamp Block - Displays the systems present state.

Optional Units :
Radio Remote Control - Operates from a convenient distance all the function i.e. MAG / DEMAG / Inching.
ADPREM - Accidental Demagnetization Prevention Mechanism. Disable the demagnetization cycle when carrying load.

Application :
Ideal for handling single plates in stockyards.
• Most effective in ship building industry.
• It is use on flame cutting m/c. plazma cutting m/c and water jet cutting m/c.
• It is useful for handling small as well as large plates.
• EPM Lifter is design as per customer plate sizes.
• Controller is having special facility of selector switch help for lifting small size sheets and large plates.
• It is EPM lifting system is very suitable with EOT / GANTRY / MOBILE cranes etc