Battery Operated Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifters

Series UL- 834

Battery Operated Electro Permanent Magnetic Lifter

Features :
Batteries only work in the moment of magnetization & demagnetization,
during the lifting & Handling
• Maintenance free completely sealed rechargeable batteries
• Inbuilt battery charger
• Safety Factor : 3 Times
• Light Weight & Robust Construction
• With battery full charged can switch on / off approximately 400 times
• Widely used in the places where the access to power is inconvenient

Application :
• It is use on flame cutting machine, Plasma cutting machine, water jet cutting machine etc.
• It is useful for handling small as well as large plates
• It is suitable for handling Plates & round bars
• Radio remote control is optional

Cat No.
Flat Load (Kgs)
Battery (VDC)
Charging (VAC)
500 Kg
2 x12
1000 Kg
2 x12
2000 Kg
2 x12